Sin Sin Collective is an international pan-media group of artists, working under the auspices of their beloved leader, The Fat Controller

Sin Sin Collective makes animations, films, comics, performance poetry and pan media performances using new technologies with traditional craft, forms and traditions. They take comedy seriously and like to blur boundaries, seeking out the terrain between genre distinctions. They regularly perform their music live.

With a background in old school animation and theatre, core members started making digital animations and performances for clubs in that distant epoch, the nineteen nineties. Their touring live show, Star Dot Star - Post Techno Revue was commissioned by New Moves at The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. Sin Sin’s pan-media comedy for the stage, Hospital For Skeletons, premiered at tf2 Theaterfestival van Nederland en Vlaanderen in Amsterdam. To The Worm There Is No Underground is a modern day pageant devised to tell a story in a club setting to an audience that is there to dance. Their short films have been shown in film festivals worldwide including screenings in America, Russia, Canada, Romania, Germany, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, France and England. Sin Sin’s Inside The Dishwasher, was featured in the Art Animation Gallery and on the video review DVD at Siggraph Computer Animation Conference in Boston.

The Fat Controller says ‘The media is your only friend

email : sinsin44 [at] hotmail [dot] com
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