Tunnel Under The World

by Sin Sin Collective

Recorded at Crooked Tree Studio and La Chambre Recording Studio, Amsterdam
Produced and Engineered by Martin Millband and Sin Sin Collective
All songs © Sin Sin Collective
Zen Zen Wakaranai : No Idea © Fay Heady-Carroll

You can download the songs here:

Thanks To:

Claudio (jawsharp Ganga Song)
Miroslav and Hassin (accordian & clarinet The Day Before The Earth Stood Still)
Molly (keyboards Lullaby)
Kyushu University of Design Philharmonic Orchestra & Ijiri Art Café Jazz Trio (music for Zen Zen Wakaranai : No Idea)

Our intrepid trio, Sin Sin Collective, Tunnel Under The World in this latest excavation from the supersonic Sin Sin songbook. Joined, this time, by a veritable tribe of transcultural collaborators they continue to do what they love to do - investigate the classic form of the 3 minute pop song.
From the searing to the sublime, TUNNEL UNDER THE WORLD is a collection of 9 refreshingly simple story-songs of Love and Life from Sin Sin Collective